🤠 LoadPartner Found It's VOICE 🗣️

AI Voice check calls now available in LoadPartner!

Howdy, Partner! 🤠 Check out this new update video! 👇

You can now seamlessly flip between our AI Text and AI Voice options on LoadPartner! In just a few, simple clicks on your dashboard, you can now initiate an automated text or automated voice check call to obtain the latest information about your load!

LoadPartner’s meticulously-engineered AI will almost instantaneously update your load information for you, so you can have peace of mind on the status of your load.

Are you ready to give LoadPartner a try? We are officially live! If you sign up right now, we are currently offering you your FIRST TWO WEEKS OF LOADPARTNER FOR FREE! (No payment info required at registration, some restrictions may apply.)

This signup offer ends by June, so… Giddy up, and hurry!

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Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Garrett Allen was featured on an episode of Everything is Logistics

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