Introducing DART🎯 by LoadPartner!

Dart Makes Automated Check Calls Easier

Dart 🎯 is LoadPartner in it’s simplest & quickest form — Dart automates check calls through text, email, or voice.

📣 Check call results can be configured back to email, SMS, voice, and your own API endpoints.

🚛 Dart handles nuance around freight topics in both written and voice communications.

👍 Easiest way to enable AI Voice for your organization.

📊 Strong data import flows for CSV, API, email, etc.

💼 Dart is a fully self-serve API + billing + onboarding

🚫 Dart does not include: Load Intelligence, Persistence Between Conversations, or Smart Freight Settings

Does Dart🎯 sound like something that interests your organization? Giddy up, and join LoadPartner today! 🤠

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Check out how easy it is to set Check Call Defaults in your LP Dashboard! 👇



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